For any site or project we first work with you to identify its goals, specific outcomes, and the target audience you wish to reach and please. Always keeping the destination in mind, our team collaborates with you through all the steps along the way.

At Agaric, your project manager is both a technical expert and a co-owner of the business. He or she will communicate between you and the rest of the team, adapting this exchange to your level of expertise. By working through a single project manager who learns the ins and outs of your mission, you'll have real, full-time representation inside the Agaric workflow and one-stop accountability for making sure your needs are met in fine-tuned detail.

Consulting and Development

We appreciate a challenge. Agaric will take on almost any online task, and we'll accomplish it using free software. We have primarily worked with Drupal, a content management framework written in PHP, and Flask and Django, Python-based web application microframework and framework respectively, and with Backbone.js, a front-end client-side JavaScript framework.

Our goal is to make it possible for clients to consistently meet their own needs, once we provide them with custom-configured tools and personalized training. We build enterprise-level content management systems, secure data entry and reporting sites, full-scale e-commerce operations, community web portals, personal websites or blogs, intranets, custom applications, and more. We work with you to develop the information architecture, navigation structure, and visual design to best suit your ends and your audience's experience.

Upgrades and Migrations

Our team has solid experience in an aspect of online work that many find most painful: migrating content from one system to another. And as Drupal experts we love to take people to the latest version of Drupal, whether from older versions of Drupal or from other software entirely. We also excel at upgrading modules from previous versions to Drupal 8 compatibility.

Training and Documentation

Because not all sites are created the same, Agaric provides face-to-face instruction tailored to each particular site we build (and even for sites our colleagues build). Instead of just handing you a book (even the one we wrote) or having you watch a generic Drupal instructional, we create and provide hands-on courses that get you up to speed on every aspect of managing and editing your new site. For every site we build, we offer user- and administrator-oriented documentation—basically a manual for how to edit and manage your new website. We also document the custom code we do for each client so future developers can alter or extend our work without struggling to figure out what modifications we made to customize your website or interface. In addition to helping you run sites we build for you, general training services are also available.

Ongoing Support

Agaric also offers extensive, flexible support plans for the level of assistance you need. Pay up front for highly responsive, round-the-clock technical help, or do most maintenance yourself and call on us for special tasks a la carte. While facilitating relative independence for our clients, we also frequently maintain long-term relationships.