Stefan Freudenberg

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Part analyst, part troubleshooter, and part troublemaker, Stefan serves as Agaric's secret weapon and resident heretic. From his homeland of Germany, with other Agarics in Massachusetts, and at Drupal events around the world, Stefan programs, administers systems, and questions Drupal dogma.

Multilingual in human and computer languages, Stefan's technological curiosity and talents have benefitted Agaric clients and the Drupal community. With an interest in integrating systems via web services, his work has included LDAP and Kerberos configuration. With his contributions to RDF in Drupal, Stefan is helping build the semantic web, in which computers understand what we mean and let us do fantastically smart and complex things with the knowledge we're all putting online.

Location Hamburg, Germany GPG public key Plain text icon B00A236117F1705750FA56D2A249AFC32EBC6572.asc