Kathleen Murtagh

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Kathleen was an Agaric principal for the year of 2009, working especially on the Science Collaboration Framework project of Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, including its use in Parkinson's disease research in partnership with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. A great communicator and team organizer, Kathleen is a prodigious learner and powers through any technical challenges that needs to be overcome. With a background in architecture, visual arts, and the history of art and architecture, her embrace of web technology polymath. Six years before Drupal 8's configuration management, Kathleen developed the database scripts project to separate configuration settings in the database from content, and allow configuration from a development environment to be brought to production. These scripts, operating as they did primarily by sheer force of will, always worked best with Kathleen at the helm. She loves web development and photography, both fusions of art and technology. Presently unable to work for sustained periods on a computer, she is plotting an epic science fiction novel and trying to increase the ways people with disabilities can be economically active.