Agaric helps people create and use powerful web sites. As a collective of skilled workers, we collaborate with you and free software communities to develop tools and build platforms that meet your needs.

The Team

We are a great fit for organizations needing:

  • our experience with Drupal (PHP) or Django and Flask (both Python) and other technologies we've found applicable to solving real-world needs, such as Backbone.js (JavaScript)
  • our specialty in Drupal upgrades and migrations to Drupal
  • our passion of creating collaborative networks that scale for companies and organizations which value openness and freedom
  • something which cannot be defined in advance but which clicks when we discuss working together

We live and work to connect ideas, resources, and people. Our collective goal (which extends beyond our business) is the most power possible for all people over their own lives.

As a worker-owned cooperative, Agaric is a member of the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives, and as practitioners of technology, Agaric is a member of the Free Software Foundation. In the Boston area, we work with LibreBoston, which promotes GNU-Linux and other Free Software, and we host worker cooperative meetups.

Past Principals