Show and Tell

We value learning new things and sharing our knowledge, so we take time each week to share with one another what we've discovered or figured out. We realize that this may be of interest to people outside Agaric, especially those who work alone or are in organizations that do not encourage skill-sharing. Thus, we are inviting partners, students, colleagues—and you—to take part in watching or giving short presentations.

Every Friday between 3:30pm and 4:00pm Eastern Time, we gather to watch and a few share things we know, with each presentation usually 5 to 15 minutes long. Topics have ranged from migrating HTML into Drupal to bookkeeping with GnuCash to making Drupal administration easier with Filter Permission module to chatting off the record to starting with the Pelican Python-powered static site generator.

Here is a calendar for upcoming Show and Tell dates:

We hope you'll join us! Here is a direct link to our Show and Tell video hangout on Google.
As mentioned, we have been using Google Hangout, but we are also testing a free and self hosted video conferencing tool called Jitsi. You can try it yourself at

Many people in a hangout looking at off-the-record OTR and more.

Click on the image to join Show and Tell chat.