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Chris has worked in a variety of technical leadership roles for over the past two decades (and some), after first discovering his talent for programming while hacking BASIC programs at the age of 12. He returned to programming as a career - his first programming position utilizing Visual Basic - where he proved himself capable of tackling some of the most challenging obstacles.

While Chris has spent more than a little time writing high-performance stored procedures for large databases, he also feels right at home in the web world; Whether the server runs in Zend(PHP), OpenJava, or Mono(C#/.Net) and the client uses Angular.JS, Knockout.JS, or raw JavaScript.

Chris was excited to join Agaric because: "It's a gift to be brought into a group working on building great sites, while simultaneously promoting and using solutions that benefit both our clients and our community. Agaric has clear perception of the concepts of our digital freedom, and I'm grateful to help them spread those observations through my contributions."

Chris spends weekends with his children or else can be found riding a mountain bike through wooded areas, and sometimes sharing a public meal with friends. One of Chris's current goals is to build a "tiny house" using recycled materials.

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