Code-driven development

Reading about development being code-driven on a software developer's blog is a bit surprising, isn't it? As if development was not all about writing code in this industry. Yet some developers use the term to distinguish their method of building web sites with Drupal.

Drupal Nights - High Performance Drupal

I had a great time at BioRAFT Drupal Nights, on January 16th, 2014. Originally Chris Wells (cwells) was scheduled to speak, unfortunately he was down with the flu. Michelle Lauer (Miche) put an awesome presentation together on really short notice. With help from Diliny Corlesquet (Dcor) there was plenty to absorb intellectually along with the delicious Middle Eastern food. I love spontaneity, so it was fun to hop over to BioRAFT in Cambridge, MA, to be a member of a panel of Senior Drupal Developers.

Tech Co-Op Network

We're proud that Agaric joined the Tech Co-Op Network as an early member. This network of North American tech worker co-ops seeks to encourage collaboration among its members and education of potential new co-op founders and the general public about worker cooperatives: businesses owned and controlled by the people who work in them.

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Drupal as a Lifestyle

The growing community built around Drupal offers a multitude of options to easily integrate Drupal into your current lifestyle and to branch out in new and different ways. Here are a few ways to migrate your lifestyle to one as a Freelance Drupal Developer and a contributor to the community.