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BarCamp9 in Boston - What a trip!

I attended BarCamp9 this year and had a more than wonderful time. The sessions were off the chart, everything from a Public Speaking 101 - Overview & Workshop, to a lecture on Immortality, a GNU/Linux sysadmin introduction, and a lively discussion on the state of mental health in tech, mixed in with Dating for Nerds.

Who are you in the Drupal Community?

As Drupal awareness grows and more people adopt it as a platform, the community becomes more interesting. There are some real characters that have grown to be major contributors to every facet of the beast. How did they evolve and find their place?

Trip to GLADCamp 2014 in Los Angeles

FreeScholar is back in Boston from GLADCamp, the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp, a free community three-day event and one of the best camps I have attended. The theme was "Drupal for Good" and it delivered from the opening keynote to the closing barn raising.

Drupal Nights - High Performance Drupal

I had a great time at BioRAFT Drupal Nights, on January 16th, 2014. Originally Chris Wells (cwells) was scheduled to speak, unfortunately he was down with the flu. Michelle Lauer (Miche) put an awesome presentation together on really short notice. With help from Diliny Corlesquet (Dcor) there was plenty to absorb intellectually along with the delicious Middle Eastern food. I love spontaneity, so it was fun to hop over to BioRAFT in Cambridge, MA, to be a member of a panel of Senior Drupal Developers.

Drupal as a Lifestyle

The growing community built around Drupal offers a multitude of options to easily integrate Drupal into your current lifestyle and to branch out in new and different ways. Here are a few ways to migrate your lifestyle to one as a Freelance Drupal Developer and a contributor to the community.